About Kliewer Photography

Can you imagine how hard it is to describe yourself without being exagerating on the one side and understating on the other side?

We, the photographers, have a little benefit in that our photographs usually speak a clear language (I am not talking about the very artsy photographs). A picture says more than a thousand words is a quote used quite often. However, during the past years of working as a pro photographer it has become very clear that a photographer must have a lot more under the hood than merely beautiful photographs. And who says if a photo is nice? Aren’t we all individuals, each with their own taste? Fortunately yes.

Occasionally I like to team up with other talented people from the creative realm to better cover certain fields. I am not a specialist for everything related to photography but my network is solid. As a service provider in the field of digital photography I see it as my job to not only show you from your best side but also to consult in photographic questions or problems. No matter if you are looking for a wedding reportage, a job application photograph, fine art nudes or even very fancy stuff – I have the proper equipment for it. My happy customers include couples, companies (also small to medium sized enterprises) and private persons – accross Germany and beyond the borders.

You can find an overview of past and present projects in the portfolio. Also consider taking a peak at the blog, where I am publishing (more or less) regularly on various topics dealing with photography and technique. Please understand that I respect the privacy as well as the ownership rights of my clients – hence I can only show a very limited extract of my works.

schwarz weiss portrait of david kliewer by lisa reichard
Photo by Lisa Reichard


Badge Siegel Berufsfotografen


Short Bio

  • Born 1980 in Trier, 25% luxemburgish
  • 1999 A-levels followed by civil service in the nursing service
  • bilingual education (german/english)
  • professionell photographer since 2012
  • married, two children