80% Perfection. 10% Imperfection. 10% Creativity.

A good friend once told me: “Not too perfect or else God will be mad”. Now one should neither take this too seriously nor as a free ticket for sloppy work – however you should know: If I can get a wow-photograph within four hours I will probably not take another four hours to make it perfect, unless you want me too. This tells a lot about how I work: On the one hand I love clean work, on the other hand I strive to keep everything affordable.

How can you profit?

The picture language is very important these days. Take a look at an arbitrary successful start-up or even bigger companies – their webpages and publications are packed with beautiful images that convey a certain message or emotion, be it freedom, lust for life or simply professionalism.

In my job as corporate photographer I am going to support you in finding the right “language”. This could mean that I craft beautiful and naturally looking portraits of your staff, and it could also mean that I will be visiting your local brewing facility (if you happen to work in the beer industry) just so that everybody can see: Beerlovers at work. What better message could there be than showing what you love to do, in the nicest way possible?

Executive Summary

  • Rapid Workflow
  • Transfer via Cloud/WeTransfer
  • Full Resolution (ca. 20-24 Megapixel)
  • Transfer of rights (basic/exclusive possible)
  • 2+ years of archiving
  • Cutting Edge Equipment (Fullframe Cameras)
  • Professional Canon/Nikkor Lenses
  • Mirrored file-saving = maximum safety

Typical applications

  • Editorials
  • Image campaigns
  • Corporate portraits
  • Corporate events
  • Conferences with key speakers
  • Product photography (with or without clipping paths)
  • Interieur/Exterieur
  • Portraits of the management


13GRAMM – Luxembourg – Produktfotos und Editorial

A M CONCEPTS – Trier – Training, Events & Consulting – www.amconcepts.eu

ARTHEN COMMUNICATIONS – Editorial für den Drogerie Markt

CARSTEN RAUSCH – Berlin – DJ/Producer


DANCE IN – Trier – Eventreportage Salsa Gala 2014 – www.dance-in-trier.de

EUROPEAN COMMISSION – Brüssel – Konferenzfotografie mit High Profile Sprechern aus dem öffentlichen/privaten Sektor

HIGH FOOD – Hamburg – Editorial für Knorr Professional/Unilever

KANNSTEMACHEN – Grevenbroich – Produktfotografien der kannstemachen Poster/Sticker – kanstemachen.de

LISA WOLLENSCHLAEGER – Trier – Firmenporträt Hebamme/Kinderwunschberatung – lisawollenschlaeger.de

ROTHO BABYDESIGN – Wadern – Produktfotografie – www.rotho-babydesign.com

SALSA CITY – Trier – Eventfotografie Salsa Gala 2014 mit über 400 Gästen – www.salsacity.eu

STEREOTYPES – Trier – Editorial shoot für den MyFonts Newsletter – stereotypes.de

TORNER BRAND MEDIA – Hamburg – Firmenporträts für das Bauunternehmen Herlach

WEINSINNIG – Trier – Firmenporträt + Imagekampagne für Kinowerbung – www.weinsinnig.com