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You'll get all photos and your edited choice in full resolution on a CD. One 4x6" lab quality print is included.


I’ll take time for your photo.

Thanks for your interest in a photoshoot at Kliewer Photography. You are probably here because you have made a decision to get your job application or senior photo done by a professional.

In the following paragraphs I will be describing how I work and what defines me as a photographer. Who knows, maybe you will leave a message and we’ll get to know each other – I would be delighted to help you.

The Portrait Plus ExtraStrong ™

What you’ll receive when visiting Kliewer Photography reaches far beyond what you’d get when having a passport photo done. Here you are going to get more than just your average quick photo. Please allow me to be more specific:

Kliewer Photography isn’t a photo supply store or photo development facility but actually a photo studio for professional photo shootings. This means that contrary to normal walk-in stores one has to fix a date. Why is this the case? Because I am going to invest some time to get your photograph done right. No pressure. I am not a big fan of having a line of customers waiting, actually I never liked it when seeing the hairdresser (fortunately this problem is solved because I lost my hair). So, you will get professional portraits that you can use as job application photographs or for other occasions (by the way, I also do family portraits).

The beginning is always a practical introduction where I will be giving valuable hints for your facial expression as well as the posing. This is essential because it gives you a feeling of security. This leads to a personal well being which in return eases our work. The actual photoshoot takes roughly 30 minutes. Every photograph will be examined on a big color calibrated screen so you get a feeling for your portrait. If needed, we will take more photographs. I want you to recognize yourself in the portrait and feel comfortable with it. This is what sets me apart from many photographers that do not include the client into the decision taking process.

Once you have chosen your photograph, it will be edited to near perfection. Why near perfection? Because there isn’t a perfect face and your portrait needs to look authentic. However, all “problematic” parts will be taken care of, including the removal of thin wrinkles, skin smoothing and so much more – you will be amazed!

Little Time on your side? Make your choice later…

You are not forced to pick your personal favorite on the spot. If you have little time I can offer to upload all images taken into a secure online gallery. Once you’ve made your pick I will edit it and send you a CD or download link.

You decide on the format

You will receive the results of our photoshooting on a CD or via Download (JPG-Format, including unedited images).  If you wish, I will create a special downsized version of your photograph for usage in social media platforms like LinkedIn or Xing. One 4×6″ (10x15cm) print is included in the basic package.

Without cropping, the images have a resolution of 22 megapixels, which is sufficient for poster sized prints in good quality.

Your photographs are kept safe

It may happen that you lose the CD with your photographs, or you may realize after a while that you’d enjoy a black&white conversion of your portrait. In any case, feel free to call and I will take care of it. I keep your portraits for at least two years on a backup storage system.

No hidden costs

Transparency and real-world-tested solutions are my favorite. For this very reason I will tell you exactly what is in the package and which costs you have to calculate with. To sum it up: The base package already includes everything you need: A photoshoot, the picking of your favorite shot and the editing of that photograph, a delivery of the photo via CD or download and a transfer of basic usage rights. Please let me know if you require exclusive usage rights to the material (this is sometimes needed if your corporation plans on selling or using the photographs in a broader sense)

I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a message and I will personally get back to you as soon as possible.


“I felt very comfortable with David. His consultance was good and the photographs where taken professionally. All in an easy and pleasant atmosphere – I recommend!”

– Lewis M.

“Professional Work, superb company and most important: Wholeheartedly!”

Mats B.

porträt bewerbungsfoto junge frau mit roter brille

The first impression counts.

The message you transport in the very moment the picture is taken (or presented) is of a very high importance. You should not maintain a posture that may signal insecurity or even a refusal. During the photoshooting you will be gently guided with a deep understanding of the subject matter so that you will gain an advantage with your portrait.

How about something different?

Counted are the days where photographs in portrait format are the only way to go. Modern portraits in landscape format are en vogue. I like to work with fancy image compositions or contrast-righ black&white looks. Do you enjoy going retro? No problemo: You may pick from over 50 authentic analogue film emulations provided by VSCO which is the gold standard in film emulation. Available emulations include but are not limited to Fuji Pro, Ilford HP5, Agfa Scala or Kodak Portra & Ektachrome.

Sascha Timplan, Stereotypes.de

Erzählen Sie eine Geschichte mit Ihrem Bild

Wer sagt, dass ein Porträt immer vor einem grauen Hintergrund entstehen muss? Versuchen Sie einmal etwas völlig anderes und zeigen sich in einer ungewohnten Umgebung.

“David Kliewer gehört zu den seltenen Fotografen, die einen eigenen, ästhetischen Ansatz, der mit einem nahezu unerklärlichem Gefühl für die Menschen vor ihrer Linse gepaart ist, verfolgen. Ein durch und durch passionierter Fotograf also.”

– M. Abraham via Facebook


50 €pro Person
  • Professionelles Styling
  • Optimierung ihrer Hautstruktur (Falten, Spiegelungen)
  • Styling der Haare

Wunschfarbe Hintergrund

40 €pro Wunschfarbe
  • 50+ Farben zur Auswahl
  • Qualität von Colorama oder Savage
  • Erweiterung des Basispakets


10 €pro Foto
  • Erweiterung des Basispakets
  • Optimierung für social Media / Intranet
  • 1 Abzug 10x15cm inklusive