Portraits made in Trier.

A photoshooting at Kliewer Photography is a memorable event. It will take some time but afterwards you will understand why this was a good investment.

Friedrich Dürrenmatt once said: “To portray the character of a human in the moment of the exposure is the highest art of photography”. To me personally, there is a lot of truth in these words, for a portrait can mean a lot of work and skill. We are moving on a psychological level that surpasses the pure technical level by orders of magnitude because the way a photographer perceives her/his counterpart, determines how the counterpart is photographed.

For this reason and because I enjoy what I do we will take some time to make your portraits.

Did you know that many people feel uncomfortable in front of the camera? Spontaneous, on the spot snapshots are actually a rarity. A lot of people have to start getting used to the situation first and this is not tragic. As a photographer, one of my jobs is to bring comfort to the people during a shooting. Please let me be your entertainer.

“Picture language”

Which message would you like to send to the viewer? If Paul Watzlawick is right – I quote: “You can’t not communicate” – then every human does communicate on their portrait, no matter how “dull” one may try to come accross. There is always a signal. It doesn’t have to be obvious though. Just think of thy mystery of the Mona Lisa: Is she in a good mood or is she hiding something?

How can this insight help us in the field of portrait photography? The answer is simple: I must find out where you want to head and what you’d like to achieve with your portrait. So let us work together to put that message into your photograph.

Retouching & Location

I craft the portraits according to the wish of my clients. Photoshootings take place indoors (studio, office building) or outdoors. Both variants have their advantages and I am happy to be able to offer both. While an outdoor photoshoot allows for a bigger variety in the background as well as natural lighting, a studio shot is more controlled, both in terms of background and lighting. Studio photography is about controlling the dose, direction and size of the light source and to get it just the way intended. Apart from that, taking portraits during the winter is more cozy in a heated studio. For shootings on location I am equipped with a portable studio lighting system from Jinbei which powers two strobes up to 600 wattseconds, enabling me to get perfect lighting even for larger groups.

Retouching photographs is something I only do on photographs that are already good. To me there is no point in smearing the brush over an already spoiled snapshot.

If you’d like to know more or if you wish to book a photoshooting Trier or the area (Luxembourg, Saarland or even accross Germany) please do not hesitate to send a message via the contact form.