Gorgeous Photographs from Trier with Love.

Hi, my name is David and I’m a wedding photographer based in Trier, Germany. I love what I do. Further to this, I’m convinced that choosing your wedding photographer has everything to do with the right chemistry. After all, you are putting the documentation of your possibly most precious day into the hands of a person relatively unknown to you.

In case you are celebrating your wedding ceremony outside of Trier this is not a problem – I have successfully shot many weddings accross Germany or Luxembourg, even if that meant travelling for 8 hours.

My main task as a wedding photographer is a photojournalistic documentation of you as a couple througout the day, including everything you may wish. Ranging from the dress-up, the ceremony at the Standesamt and the church, a photoshooting of you as a couple up until a wild party at night – I am able to cover all of this, all while staying as discreet as possible, always remaining professional and if needed: Yes I can be funny too. My general attitude is to go with the flow – to cheer up the people and add to the positive atmosphere that should dominate such a wonderful day.

Clean and flawless pictures are important, but photography to me is more than pure craftsmanship. The images must be vivid and artful. Please take the following photographs as a brief source of inspiration and if interested, we can book a date at my studio where I can show you hundreds of other works from my vast portfolio.

At a glance

Please take this list as a base for comparison to other wedding photographers:
  • flexible packages (4, 6, 8+ hours)
  • all photographs on DVD
  • ~80 photographs shot per hour
  • base optimization of all photographs
  • editing of the best photographs
  • full resolution (~ 20-24 megapixels)
  • no watermarks!
  • quick editing/delivery of the first photographs
  • high-speed online gallery with password protection
  • cutting edge technology (full frame cameras)
  • maximum data safety with mirrored memory cards

Ways of contacting

You can call me on the mobile phone using +49 (0)176-21047897. However, it is easiest to use the contact form. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Questions & Answers

Have you got any questions? Please take a look at list of frequently asked questions (faq). You may also want to look at the list of wedding packages & prices.

If you are interested in booking me, just use the contact form and I will get back to you soon.

Thank you very much!