In an ongoing effort to explore new styles of lighting and studio setups as well as being supportive to the local fashion designer scene – the Hochschule Trier in particular – I have teamed up yet again with the magnificent Kira Rebecca Schmidt to create a lookbook style compilation of her current assignment. Following an hour-long make-up, styling and fitting session, our first attempt at portraying Amelie wearing Kira’s creations was done using a grey backdrop. Lighting-wise a huge reflector, 120cm octabox with grid as the main light and a small reflector (with grid) as rim light was used. While the lighting was spot on, the background seemed unfit for the „candy“ we wanted to achieve. That’s when we dared to dig out the pink backdrop, which, after carefully re-adjusting the lights, color temperature and tint, actually turned the collection into something completely new, all while emphasizing the beauty of the craftsmanship.